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A perfect tool for the students to enrich their knowledge about different principles and laws is this set of Modern’s ABC of Physics textbooks. Published by Modern Publishers, it comes in a paperback form and covers all the chapters that are included in the syllabus of the students, who will be appearing for their JEE Main examinations. The author has tried his best to explain all the scientific methods, theories, and experiments in simple, easy to understand format. Available in a set of 2 volumes, these books are ideal for those who want to excel in this subject not only by scoring high marks in the examination but by gaining an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Modern's ABC of Physics For JEE MainThe education is focused on the state so that each student is literate to some level in the country. Gujarat 12th Board Science Stream papers Gujarati medium will make you more confident about the examinations. There is a strict need for the papers to each student because they want to check the paper style and also the way the questions will ask in the examinations. So here we provide you Modern’s ABC of Physics for JEE Main. It will help you with exam preparations. Free Download Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main.

Students often face stress when the examinations are just around the corner. Moreover, as the exams approach, it is not the subject matter that you need, but it is the final revision that would prove to be of immense help. Revision is not just reading through the notes you made in class. Revision should include all the essential tips, be it theory or practice that would help you in attempting questions with ease. Free Download Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main.






A complexity to pick between the books from various publications makes you freeze. What’s more, you end this picking amusement up with selecting a book weighing 2 to 2.5 kg. Furthermore, what happens when your companion lets you know that you have purchased a useless book (any of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology). This takes all your trust away from the Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main in which you have contributed a considerable amount of cash.

By a study, 75% of students purchase their reference books on the recommendations from their senior siblings or someone else. 5% of the students buy their books to conserve papers, as they don’t even touch those books until the board exams pass. Yet, those books advantage them, as they can offer them in higher expenses to the next 12thies. 5% of students purchase reference books amid the last time of the session. Also, 10% of students do not buy any reference books at all, as they firmly have faith in NCERT course readings.

If you are comparing Modern’s ABC of Physics with Pradeep, then please stop doing that, both the books are far apart from each other, Pradeep is more focused on board exams and less on the competitive point of view, and vice versa in Modern’s ABC of Physics.

Special Features

  • A thorough discussion of the chapter emphasizing basic principles, definitions, terms, and mathematical relations
  • In Focus—comprising important useful results
  • Key Points
  • Complete coverage of previous years’ questions from various competitive examinations
  • A large variety of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Hints & Solutions
  • MCQs are categorized in three different levels: Level-I (Basic and Easy); Level-II (Difficult); Level-III (Thought Provoking)
  • Unit wise Test Papers for Practice
  • Mock Test Papers for Revision

Why To Buy?

Most of the students prepare for competitive exams with their board exams, and Modern’s ABC of Physics is slightly more focused on a competitive perspective. Hence, Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main is excellent to go from a competitive point of view.

Modern’s ABC of Physics helps even after the 12th class, each topic, definition, and derivations in Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main are explained in a very efficient way, which helps a lot. Book also contains important questions and answers for both board and competitive exams.

How To Study?

Well, Modern’s ABC of Physics will take a lot of time to complete, so you have to spend more than 3 hours a day to complete Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main on time. Also, do not buy Modern’s ABC of Physics For JEE Main when there is a shortage of time, say you have only 3 months left for the exams.

Also, keep maintaining side by side notes from ABC and put the page number on your notes as well. This will help you to find the topics easily and save a lot of time.

Salient Features of the Textbook

  • Chapters are well covered, and scientific methods are explained in lucid language so that students can get a clear understanding of the concepts and principles in it.
  • Interactive chapters help the students not only to learn but also simultaneously exercise the concepts.
  • The chapter-wise summary makes it easy for the candidates to recap the points learned.
  • The textbook contains previous year’s questions so that the students get a chance to self-evaluate their knowledge base as well as sharpen their time management skills.

Important Tips to Remember

  • Keep NCERT as the main priority for JEE Main 2020.
  • Do a lot of practice/MCQs.
  • Analyze previous year question paper
  • Take Tests on a regular basis to improve your scores.

Key points & tips during the time of the exam:

  • First of all, read the questions carefully to answer the questions you find the easiest and of which you are totally sure and then proceed to other questions and fill the OMR side by side.
  • Never do the guesswork, it will eventually degrade your scores and prove to be dangerous for you.
  • Keep calm, don’t be panic during the examination it will hamper your performance.
  • Never allocate the time as 1 hour for each section of PCM, go as fast as you can but be sure for the answers you are opting by maintaining the time limit.
  • Be positive, you will surely get success.

Right Approach to Score 70+ in JEE Main Physics

  • Previous year question papers: Practising JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers will give you an idea about the question asked and will make you identify the types of question coming in these types of exams, it will also help you to enhance your scores by doing a lot of practice.
  • Formula and shortcuts: For the numerical question, you have to mug up the formula which instantly results in scoring good marks and also facilitates you to arrive at the answer quicker and hence helps you in saving time. If you look upon their logic or derivation so you can derive them on your own.
  • Time Management: You cannot afford to invest more than 45 minutes for chemistry as 30-40% of question is theoretical which you can easily attempt correctly within a minute without wasting a single minute.” every second saved is every second earned”, by saving that time you will be able to give that time in other sections.
  • Eliminating the wrong answers to get the right one: By eliminating the wrong answers by intelligent guessing, you will be able to arrive at the right options. Always remember by eliminating the options that you are sure can’t be right, it will be easier to arrive at the right one.
  • Try to solve the easiest question first to put all your efforts to solve the questions abiding by the time limit. Read all the question paper carefully first and then solve the easy question first and then proceed further.


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We don’t aid piracy. This duplicate grows to supply for university youngsters who’re financially harmful but deserve greater to examine. Thank you.

Download Part 1 (20.8MB)

Download Part 2 (21.0MB)

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