Best Physics Handwritten Notes for JEE NEET (Gujarati)

The education is focused on the state so that each student is literate to some level in the country. Gujarat 12th Board Science Stream papers Gujarati medium will make you more confident about the examinations. There is a strict need for the papers to each student because they want to check the paper style and also the way the questions will ask in the examinations. So here we provide you Best Physics Handwritten Notes for JEE NEET. It will help you with exam preparations.

Students often face stress when the examinations are just around the corner. Moreover, as the exams approach, it is not the subject matter that you need, but it is the final revision that would prove to be of immense help. Revision is not just reading through the notes you made in class. Revision should include all the essential tips, be it theory or practice that would help you in attempting questions with ease. Free download Best Physics Handwritten Notes for JEE NEET (Gujarati).

Physics Handwritten Notes for JEE NEETIt is often witnessed that students don’t prepare their revision notes while going through the subject matter, and as a result, while revising, they tend to miss out on various crucial points. We understand the need for and importance of revision notes for students. We hence have come up with the extensive revision notes which have been prepared by our expert faculty comprising of ex-iitians, and these notes, for sure, would prove to be of immense help. We bring you the revision notes on Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, which include some practical guidelines as well as some useful facts of solving some typical problems. Free download Best Physics Handwritten Notes for JEE NEET (Gujarati).

Just go through 4-5 revision notes per day, and we bet you’ll end up retaining maximum facts. Along with the formulae and facts, we have also compiled some interactive examples and illustrations which have been picked up from the previous year papers of IIT JEE and other engineering exams. We’ll keep on adding more topics daily, and you are also free to share your suggestions on the notes. You may also suggest a particular subject on which you would like us to present the revision notes. Free download Best Physics Handwritten Notes for JEE NEET (Gujarati).






Hints for making revision notes

  • Making memory maps is a beneficial approach to creating notes. The human mind can consider pix a good deal more effortlessly as compared to textual content. Consequently, while you make reminiscence maps, it stimulates your image-reminiscence, and you could find them effortlessly and for a longer time. Do not create very colorful and problematic reminiscence maps. Lead them to crisp and concise, which might be clean to don’t forget.
  • At the same time as analyzing a topic, you could come upon a few questions which might be very conceptual, and you would love to revise them once more. You may add even such questions to your notes. The more you will study them again and again, the extra they may get stored in your memory higher.
  • A few humans have the dependency of creating notes within the ebook itself. While this may be pretty handy, it’s far continually beneficial to make notes in a separate notebook. Making notes in a separate notebook gives you the flexibility to make memory maps as correctly, which isn’t feasible in a book due to limited space to be had.
  • You could use a highlighter to highlight critical things inside the ebook. You could even use distinct shades for the equal. But, be careful not to highlight the entirety and make your book a paint ebook.
  • At the same time, as writing chemistry reactions in a pocketbook, it’s miles beneficial in case you write the names of several compounds the use of the same coloured pen as that of the colour of the mixture. For the reason that humans have a photographic memory, this colour-coding of compounds properly assist in remembering the real colourings of the compounds. That is crucial as many questions in Chemistry, in particular, that of Qualitative evaluation contain figuring out compounds with their colourations.
  • Try to make notes in the course of the class too. The teachers are the masters of the challenge. They may train matters that you may now not find in books. Be very attentive within the elegance and jot down whatever the instructor says. Of path, you will not be capable of writing the whole lot that the instructor says, but try not to miss something. This is crucial.
  • There are numerous chapters wherein many jargons are a gift. Additionally, many times the lecturers use a few idioms, which are not officially used. Such jargon must be stated down carefully, in particular those which can be easy to forget. Read KOTA CLASS NOTES

The way to make nicely organized notes?

  • Making organized notes is vital. Consider a situation where you’ve got made notes; however, then you aren’t able to understand what you had written while you examine the notes after a long time. To avoid this kind of situation, make your notes nicely prepared.
  • Divide your notes into headings, subheadings, sub-subheadings. This can help you recognize your notes higher while you read them after the long term.
  • In many instances, there are a few big concepts that cannot be written entirely in notes. In such cases, upload suitable references of the principles to the books from wherein you have got read them.
  • It’s miles higher to make notes in a bonded notebook. This is so because it’d save you loss of pages. However, if you are using free sheets for making notes, keep them appropriately in a folder in proper order. You could additionally get the loose sheets bonded later.
  • Write the name of the difficulty in the notebook. Additionally, you have to write the names of the chapters within the index. For the reason that one notebook would now not be enough to put together notes of all the chapters of a subject, you may honestly want multiple notebooks. Subsequently, maintaining an index is quite beneficial.


  • They are prepared using talented and adroit faculty.
  • Based on the latest syllabus
  • Cover almost all important information and formulae.
  • They have been presented in the crispest and unique form.
  • Easy to memorize.
  • They are supported with illustrations from beyond yr papers.
  • The answers are intricate and smooth to apprehend.
  • Those notes can be useful resources in your closing minute instruction.
  • These notes can surely help you improve your rankings!!


  • They are compiled from the notes of CBSE 12th Toppers of diverse subjects.
  • It covers the complete syllabus for CBSE XII board tests.
  • They are written in comfortable and readable handwriting.
  • They are revised each yr with an updated syllabus and examination pattern.
  • It could shop it slow and cost that you spend while going to individual subjects coachings.
  • CBSE 12th Notes are also useful on the time of revision.
  • CBSE 12th Notes are well listed with page numbers so you can study them like an ebook.
  • Cognizance is on the topics which carry more weightage in exams.


BE AWARE: does no longer owns this book neither created nor scanned. We simply offer the hyperlink already to be had on the internet. If any manner it violates the law or has any troubles then kindly mail us or Contact Us for this(hyperlink removal).

We don’t aid piracy this duplicate grows to supply for university youngsters who’re financially harmful but deserve greater to examine. Thank you.

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