30 Days JEE Main Physics – Best Revision cum Crash Course

30 days JEE Main Physics, a revision cum crash course Physics provides a speedy revision plan for complete Physics in 30 days. It comes with a concise review of all the concepts as per the latest syllabus and emphasizes the formulas and facts in an easy and tabular form. It is a focused program study for the JEE aspirant’s full preparation. The complete book divides chapter revision in a day-wise manner with question practice (Exam drill) to ensure comprehensive revision. 5 unit test is given after a certain number of days to check the effectiveness of revision and analysis of the performance. One model test paper is provided on the 30th day with answer keys of every unit test and solved the JEE 2017 exam paper. Revise the entire syllabus of JEE Physics with a day-wise plan, practice questions with practice papers and previous year paper.

30 Days JEE Main PhysicsEvery year lakhs of students appear for the JEE Main Exam to pursue their dream of becoming an “Engineer.” To qualify this exam, students need to have clear concepts, a strong necessary foundation of the subjects and thorough practice. “TEST DRIVE FOR JEE MAIN 2020” is the only complete assessment and Practice package for the JEE MAIN Exam. This book is prepared as per the latest syllabus. It provides 55 Unit Tests for all three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to give the real feel of the examination, 15 Practice Tests which are strictly based on the Latest Examination Pattern and 6 Years’ Papers, the solutions provided for the questions are authentic and having a conceptual approach for the complete practice. This book will help you to score more in the exam as well as in academics if the thorough preparation is done from the book. For JEE Mains, all you need is a stronghold on the basics; Once you achieve that you need to practice time-bound questions so that you get used to solving easy questions under a minute, also you need to identify and leave questions that come under higher difficulty level. This 30 Days JEE Main Physics contains chapter wise practice papers with a detailed solution.

  • Prep Analysis Stage (Unit Tests)
  • The Acquaintance Stage (Practice Sets)

More often than not, students waste time in the exam pondering over questions that only well-versed students can solve. Understand that there will at least be 50 % questions that would only test your basic knowledge, and that’s where you can score. If you have prepared well for the board exams, you are good to go.






Syllabus can’t be ignored, and every engineering aspirant should know the syllabus by heart. Students should go through the syllabus carefully before starting each chapter of the JEE Main Course and pay close attention to the topics and sub-topics they need to cover in that chapter. This tunes one’s mind to grasp all the important aspects of the chapter in detail. When you know the syllabus, you add value to your study. You save time by not referring to the unimportant topics and pay more attention to the most important topics.


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30 Days JEE Main Physics

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