30 Days NEET Biology – Best Revision cum Crash Course (Gujarati)

30 Days NEET Biology – Best Revision cum crash course in Gujarati Medium. NEET Chapter-wise Practice Paper with Solution in Gujarati Medium is available on site for Practice Purpose.

Medical Students must practice with the NEET Chapter-wise Practice papers with solutions in Gujarati Medium. To crack the NEET or AIPMT exam it is important to download 30 Days NEET Biology – Best Revision cum crash course in Gujarati Medium. Solving the NEET Chapter-wise Practice papers in Gujarati Medium is that it allows students to know the exam pattern and time management.

30 Days NEET BiologyWith NEET 2020 being postponed to the last week of May considering the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID- 19 outbreak, aspirants have some extra time in their hand for NEET 2020 Preparation. Candidates can use this time of social distancing productively and invest in better revision for the coming session. Free Download 30 Days NEET Biology – Best Revision cum Crash Course Gujarati Medium.

Every year lakhs of students appear for NEET to secure admission in medical and dental colleges. The exam requires a candidate to stick with a smart study plan and constant practice. Candidates should focus on devising preparation strategies that are most suitable for them; they can start with the topics from NEET Syllabus that have maximum weightage. Candidates must also utilize the previous year’s papers to analyze their efficiency. Free Download 30 Days NEET Biology – Best Revision cum Crash Course Gujarati Medium.

NEET Study Material: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, more commonly known as NEET, is the only medical entrance exam in India. It is highly competitive as almost 10 lakh+ students appear for this exam for around 1 lakh seats. With this level of competition, clearing the NEET cutoff is not enough if you want a seat in one of the medical or dental colleges in India. You must score as high as possible. This is possible only when you have the best NEET study material and a smart preparation plan. In this article, we will provide you with NEET Study Material – NEET notes for every chapter and NEET practice questions for all three subjects of NEET – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.






How to prepare for NEET?

Candidates can prepare for NEET by following the instructions given below.

  • Study NCERT Book: Candidates are required to prepare for NEET as per the syllabus, and they can do preparations with the help of the NCERT books for all Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Remember formulas for Physics: All the candidates preparing for NEET must remember all the formulas for Physics as it will help them at the time of solving the numerical.
  • Adopt a trick for numerical: Candidates must learn a simple and easy method to solve numerical quickly and fastly with some proper shortcuts it will make their time management skills strong.
  • Learn all the parts for the diagrams: Candidates must learn the name of all the parts of the diagrams in Biology.
  • Practice all the chemical reactions: Candidates must practice all the chemical reactions of all the chapters of Chemistry regularly.

Avoid Common Mistakes to Stay on Track with NEET Preparation

  • Those who falter with their time tables can run into deep trouble. NEET demands dedication, and you have to give that wholeheartedly. A pile of left out topics isn’t good in the long run.
  • NCERT is Very Important: Under the burden of so many reference books and coaching notes, do not forget to strengthen your foundation from NCERT books. NCERT syllabus sufficiently covers more than 60% of NEET question paper.
  • Keep a Balanced Schedule: NEET preparation does not call for deteriorating health. So maintain a balance between studies and rest. It is very important to maintain your mental health as well.
  • Never ignore any Subject: All of the three subjects are equally important, so never rate them. You are required to prepare each of them at par and not leave any topic untouched. You can, however, prioritize the time devoted to a specific topic, per the past year paper patterns.
  • Refer Limited Books: Referring a plethora of books will not help your case. Be specific when it comes to books. So, do not skip NCERT and refer only the best one-two reference books that assist practice, in each of the three subjects.

Revise Your Subjects Well

Proper revision helps aid memorization and keeps a regular check on your practice levels. Now you can revise in many ways.

  • Revise Monthly: You can choose MCQs from the topics covered in the month (per your planner) and devote a minute each to every question. At the end of it, identify where you lag and work on the area. This will help stimulate a real-time exam environment for you, and with every passing month, you will become more accustomed to solving these questions in the required manner.
  • Prepare Self Notes: One of the best ways to revise is to study and prepare short notes for yourself. So as you learn a diagram and associated theory, practice it with your own hands, make analogies and revise it at regular intervals. You can also refer revision notes shared by technicalgurugi.
  • Participate in Regular Mock Tests: In your coaching or at home, take ample mock tests by timing yourself. Recreate the exam environment with no disturbance for three hours and put in genuine efforts. Get the test assessed by a coach/guide and work on the areas of development then and there. This performance analysis will gradually boost your morale as you will see a development graph.


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30 Days NEET Biology

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