What SEO strategies have worked for you?

I spent countless years trying to understand SEO and I am DAMN good at it. I disagree with literally every single comment left so far. The thing that works best for me in terms of SEO is literally nothing short of ignoring all search engines and instead focusing on marketing and advertising campaigns.

As you run more and more successful campaigns, more and more people link to your articles and products and pages – and SEO happens all on its own.

❌ Things I will never again do:

🔹Submit articles
🔹 Submit to link directories
🔹 Create content for the sake of linking to something for “SEO juice”

✅ Things I will do:

🔹 Ensure my keyword density in the content I do create
🔹 Ensure the sites I link to within my articles are high caliber sites
🔹 Link to recent related news or find ways to work recent related news into the articles I create
🔹 Focus on building relationships with the owners of the sites where I do want backlinks – for the sake of sales not seo
focus on well rounded marketing including text, auto, and video
🔹 Focus on the people behind the websites – not the websites themselves

But hey what do I know about marketing


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