[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welder (Gas & Electric) is a mechanical engineering ITI course. It is imperative in all industries as it is needed in up degree and upkeep of machines and instruments as they wear and detach. It includes welding skills and metal welding techniques.

The course length is one year which divided into 2 semesters and each semester’s time duration is 6 months.

Welder (Gas & Electric) trade is very popular because there are many Jobs available after it. Self-employment also possible as it opens many opportunities in various fields.

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Any student who passed in the 8th class examination from a recognized school board is eligible for this course.

Welder (Gas & Electric) SKILLS

-Detail-oriented approach and the ability to analyze and solve problems, identify and repair flaws in existing metal objects and structures.

-Good hand-to-eye coordination and vision as it is the main thing in welding work.

-Good strength and stamina; hard worker with team spirit and could be able to follow instructions in the right way.

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-Students have many options for further higher Diploma/Degree courses as it increases their educational qualification or rank.

-They can work on private electric shops or start own shop.

-They can work in the aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, construction and automotive industries on a large scale.

Welder (Gas & Electric) COURSE JOBS TYPE
-Gas & Electric Welder
-Tack Welder
-Structural Steel & Pipe Arc Welder-Welder & Fabricator Helper
-SIX G Argon & Arc Welder

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