If you are an artist and you want to sell it and earn some money. Then you are in the right place. Here I will discuss 12 Best Websites where you can sell your art.

So, here in this article, I will tell, How to sell? What to sell? and Where to Sell?

The Internet is the best thing where you can sell photos, videos your drawing to any big companies and they will pay for it.

Types Of Things You Can Sell Online?

There are many things you can sell. But, here I will tell about only three things because many peoples are already earning much money through these three methods.

Drawing And Painting

Guys, Drawing and Painting are purchased by many peoples online. For that, you have to create it by using paper, sketchbooks, acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolor, inks, pens, brushes, etc.


After Drawing and Painting, you can start capturing some good photos and sell them on the Internet. The photo must be captured through a good camera.



The third way is Sculptures which involves casting.

But, we will not discuss this topic because it takes much time to write and takes much money after investing too much time and money also you will not get many results from it. That’s why we will discuss in detail the above two points.

How Much Money You Can Make From This?

If you are a full-time artist then you can easily earn up to $5000-$10,000. But, you must have good art also. So, people will buy it.

If you work as a freelancer then you can earn up to 250-300$. Sometimes on occasion, these paintings get sold up to $500 also.

Most of the paintings on ebay or in Amazon are sold at $150-$200.

So, in total, you can easily earn $250-$300. If you make 3-4 painting every weak then you can earn $4000 per month.

But, this depends on two factors, What art you are selling? How you are selling?


What Art they are selling?

There already a lot of competition on Amazon, ebay and esty. Their many artists are already selling their paintings.

If you want to beat them then you have to find a specific niche for your painting whatever niche you like and work well on it. Stuck on that niche only one day that niche will give you success and will help you to beat these old artists.

How You Can Sell Your Art?

There are two ways of selling paintings. First, in Online and second one is offline.

I prefer you to start selling your art first online. Because for the newbie it is a little bit tough to sell their paintings offline and many peoples who not buy paintings offline they like online to buy it.

First, start with online and then go offline also. If you are good at these two ways of marketing your art then you can easily earn up to $8000 from it.

Where You Can Sell Your Art?

There are two ways of selling your art. Yes, you are right we will discuss online method only. The two ways are:

Sell the art from your website or sell art from other websites like Amazon.

I prefer the second option because these websites already have customers and you do not require to give traffic on it. If you start your website then you require a good amount of investment.

First, start selling art through online websites that are already stable and then if you get success, start your website.

Online Art Selling Websites

1. eBay

Guys, eBay is the best platform for buying and selling arts. It already has many customers who are interested to purchase a painting, drawing, photos, etc.

2. Etsy & Amazon

You can also sell your art on these two websites. Esty is the best platform for selling photos. They accept the photos captured by smartphones also. So if you did not have a decent High-quality camera then you can use your phone Camera also.

On Amazon, You can sell paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

3. Society 6

On this website, you can sell posters and prints. You have to upload your work on this site and then convert it into the product.


At Saatchi Art, you can not only sell art but also get to meet other artists and curators in art fairs organized by them.

5. Art Finder

Art Finder regularly features artists from their network giving them extra exposure. This site is great for experienced artists.

6. Art Quid

The unique thing about Art-quid is that it allows artists to create 3d galleries helping their buyers to visualize the artwork and increasing your sales.

7. Turning Art

Turning Art artists can not only sell their art but also rent it if they like to do so.

8. UGallery

UGallery gives you a great exposure because of its established business partners with other companies and art curators.

9. Artsy

Here you can learn and collect art from leading galleries, fairs and museums from all over the world. Artsy has a huge collection of arts that people look for from all over the world.

There are over 40,000 artists on this website and you can also be the one.

10. Art Fire

Art Fire is great for crafts and other handicraft items. The website is less about paintings and photos. So you can go to the site and look for more information there.

11. Fine Art

Here you can sell all kinds of prints like canvas, framed prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, art prints, etc. You can also sell drawings, paintings, posters, digital arts, etc.

The site also handles your logistics. However, you have to live in the US.

12. Artist Rising

Artist Rising is a place where artists from all over the world can sell their products. They offer you both free as well as premium account to sell your arts and related products. There are over 70,000 artists who are currently registered on this website. They offer you over 400,000 artwork.

If you want to exploit these art selling websites to your advantage then learn to create great titles for painting with the right keywords and uploading quality images with videos of your artwork.

Sell The Art of Your Website/Blog

But if you are more experienced and want to reach out to your buyers directly then you can create your blog or website and promote your artwork there.

However, your blog/website must receive hundreds of visitors who not just appreciate great art but also willing to buy them. You have to build your brand name only then you will be able to sell through your blog.

You can go here and find out more about how you can create your blog easily.

I would say it is not a zero-sum game that either you have to depend upon the art-selling website or have your website. You can have both. As a beginner starts with leveraging the power of art-selling websites and later on with some experience create your blog and sell it there.

Sell Your Art on Social Media

Never ignore the power of social media. You just have to use two social media platforms to build a personal network of art admirers.

a) Facebook

On Facebook, you can create a small post with few videos describing your artwork. You need to keep updating content regularly. You will draw a lot of audiences through Facebook alone.

b) Instagram

If you are into selling photos then Instagram is better than any other art-selling website. You don’t have to spend any money showing casing your artwork. Everything is free!

However, your audience must be genuine because just having more followers doesn’t mean they will also become buyers of your art.

You have to build an army of followers and admirers for your art on Facebook and Instagram.

I am going to conclude by saying for selling art as a full-time career you have to be very pragmatic. If you want to survive as an artist then you got to choose the right kind of art.

While creating an art keep three things in your mind.

  1. Art is in great demand and has a lot of buyers.
  2. Art is very easy to create with less money and time.
  3. It pays you well once you sell it.

You can use all the ways mentioned above to sell your art online & make a great living.


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